Jasnières AOC

Our vineyard is located in the Jasnières AOC ( 1937 ). This appellation produces quality white wines from chenin, it is  typical of the Loire Valley .

We produce two wines,  chant de vigne and  Les Côtières , each from 2 plots with specific geological identities.

The "chant de vigne" cuvée  shows  white flower and dried fruit aromas with a mineral expression and balance.

"Les Côtières"  is a more powerful and full-bodied wine with a lovely aromatic complexity which develops when decanted.

Our wines are dry, due to a slow and long fermentation. They gain finesse and elegance  during their 18 months ageing in the cellar.

From the gentle pressing to the last  step, our wines undergo few operations and no filtration.


Too much alcohol can damage your health. Please drink with moderation.


Christine et Bernard de Mianville, Courtoux, Lhomme (Sarthe)