Our story is a love story. Love of nature, wine and heritage, something we want to share.

Having graduated from the Faculté de Montpellier as oenologists, we settled in Saumur in the beautiful Loire Valley at the end of the eighties. Then, very soon, we wanted to go on the tracks of Bernard's family, native of the Loir Valley. So we hunted for some  plots of vines,  and  then  we spent much of our time restoring the Loge de Courtoux, once a " loge de vigne", owned by the Château de la Gidonnière up to the half of the 20th century.

Today the loge, on the slopes overlooking the historical and still magical site of the castle,  comes alive again.

In this semi-troglodytic dwelling,  the former stable ( for the winegrower's horse ) leads into the cellars dug in the tuff stone.


Christine et Bernard de Mianville, Courtoux, Lhomme (Sarthe)