We grow vines and make wine, we taste wine and  we also wish to go on with a way of living which is closely connected with French gastronomy.

This is why we are working with the most prestigious chefs and sommeliers who put the finest  products forward and propose French top quality wines.

Some examples among the most famous :
- 3 restaurants with 3 Michelin Macarons in Paris.
- The number one in Australia with its chef  Peter Gilmore :"Food inspired by nature".
- Many other restaurants trust us and give our wines the opportunity  to express their best specificities.

In order to enjoy it fully and  to take part  in the protection of the local gastronomic heritage, we propose Oenological Meetings. We will share a meal with you with a special selection of top quality products. ( Advance bookings required. Please contact us for any request ).

We especially want to put the Géline de Racan forward. It is a dark hen,  an ancient  hardy and genuine breed, which  put its mark  on a terroir rich in history.


Christine et Bernard de Mianville, Courtoux, Lhomme (Sarthe)